Swiss watch counterfeit and fraud is an existing problem in internet businesses and brick and mortar businesses. Websites like Swissmades.com are not immune to these problems. Although most of the products on Swissmades.com are authentic, we do our best to prevent counterfeit and fraud by making our dealers go through a process to provide authentication and credibility as an established business. Be aware that some individuals list products on Swissmades.com with the intentions of committing fraud.


At the same time, the majority of leads to sellers using Swissmades.com are from genuine interested buyers. Also be aware that some individuals may contact a seller acting as a customer with the intention of committing fraud toward the seller.


We are also aware that there may be individuals that illegally use our Swissmades.com name, logo, email that are similar to our Swissmades.com email addresses (support@swissmades-support.com and financial@swissmades-safeharbour.com) attempting to make their fraudulent actions appear legitimate. These fraudulent actions can be used to defraud buyers and sellers.


While using the internet, be cautious of such illegal activities. While using Swissmades.com, you can protect yourself and learn more on how Swissmades.com operates by taking the precautions listed below. If a transaction seems suspicious or too good to be true, there is a good chance it is.


Advice to Sellers/Buyers


Local transactions are best. In person transactions are the safest. Take precaution if, 

-buyer/seller prefers to communicate via email, phone, and/or attempts to take the transaction outside of the Swissmades.com platform.

-seller is located or resides in another country or far from the product location.


Take precaution of complicated payment processes. A common scam strategy is sending a counterfeit cashier’s check in excess to the payment price and requesting you to wire transfer the difference. Seller will be liable of the losses. 


Do not transfer registration information such as serial number until the buyers payment method has been processed. Seller should always verify the authenticity of cashier’s or certified check with the issuing bank. Look up the bank phone number to verify the phone number printed on the check. You can get verification of the routing number and sufficient funds from the bank. Never accept a check that exceeds the asking price.


Avoid suspicious pricing. Be aware of product value. If a sought after product is listed for half the price for no good reason, chances are that transaction will lead to fraud.


Avoid using direct wiring sources such as Western Union and MoneyGram. Those are common methods for fraud since transactions are untraceable and can be done world wide. Approach overseas transactions with caution. Make sure to verify identity and that the seller has the product available.


Use anti-virus software to scan files sent from seller. Some files may send viruses in the form of websites that looks legitimate but are really being controlled by the seller. One of the best protections from that is by using commercial anti-virus software. Keeping it updated, scan all email files before opening them. Some commercial web-based email services already have free virus scanning services.